50% Raw, Organic, Vegan if not Halal/Kosher (with Seeds) * 50% Cru, Biologique, Végétalien si pas Halal/Casher (avec graines)

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Feeding the poor during Ramadan/ Nourrir les pauvres durant le Ramadan

Thanks to a 300$ donation to Pakistan and a 200$ donation to Gaza Strip, Palestine, made on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (275$), Aviva Sofaer (92$), Marie Kosher (7$), Mohammed El-Khatib (19$), Ira Perel (1$), François Le Monnier (15$), Louis Carmel… Continue Reading →

Organic Vegan food for Gaza Strip on behalf of Mrs. Auprix & Mrs. Doederlein from Lac Munich/ Nourriture végétalienne Bio aux noms des Mesdames Auprix et Doederlein du Lac Munich

Thanks to a 200$ donation made on behalf of Mrs. Claire Auprix, mother, (100$) and on behalf of Mrs. Doederlein (100$), 10 families in Gaza Strip received organic vegan produce including potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, onions, zucchinis, chilis, carrots, sweet peppers,… Continue Reading →

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